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Welcome To Promec Elettronica

Founded in 1973 has always been focused on electronic power supply market with a special attention for innovation and quality. Initially it was an electronic design and manufactoring company for test and burn-in equipments for Olivetti production lines, since 1979 introduced designs and productions of power supplies and inverters in switching technology under its own brand. Recently the company has focused itself to very selected and professional markets with integrated devices in innovative and sophisticated applications, whereas performance, reliability and safety are essential elements.

Promec has been one of the first companies in the world to develop completely digital switching converters, including pfc stage.

In the last years very importants projects have been developed in the civil, electromedical, military areas and even for special technological domestic and foreign institutions, including the Geneva CERN and the radio astronomical observatory of Atacama in Chile.

Throughout all these years company’s target has been to establish a relationship of mutual collaboration with customers to ensure their highest satisfaction and the best results. Maximum attention to customers requests and innovative solutions are key-points in all the activities of:

  • R&D
  • Product Certification
  • Production
  • Repair Service

The company has a laboratory for pre-compliance EMI tests, climatic chambers for design and a production burn-in area. All production codes are one by one tested functionally and submitted to burn-in cycles before shipment.